10-Step ID Guarantee


At White Oak Cremation, we pride ourselves on our strict adherence to our high standards of care, and believe integrity and accountability are imperative. We strive to provide a transparent and compassionate service to all families at their time of need. Every cremation we perform adheres to our 10-step “Standards of Care".


  1. Your loved one is transferred promptly into our care, by a licensed New York State Funeral Director and immediately taken to our care facility.
  2. On arrival at our facility, a unique bar-code is created; this bar code is printed on a label sticker to be placed on the wrist tag. Locations within our facility will be scanned as well. Two scans take place: BODY and LOCATION. This data is instantly uploaded into our software. Our computer software will track, at all times, the location and movements of your loved on in our facility and to the Crematory.
  3. We promptly work to secure the physician’s or coroner’s signature on the death certificate, and we review the personal information on the certificate with you for accuracy before it is filed with the county Health Department.
  4. Once a valid cremation authorization is received from the person in charge (usually the next-of-kin) and a permit for cremation has been received from the county Health Department, we schedule the cremation.
  5. When our staff prepares the body for transfer to the crematory, identification is reviewed by our coding system and checked again by a licensed New York State Funeral Director.
  6. The deceased is placed into the cremation container, and identification carefully attached.
  7. After confirmation of identity by family member, Our New York State licensed staff transfers the deceased to the crematory. Upon transfer to the crematory, identification is again checked and signed-off. Date and time of transfer to the crematory are carefully recorded.
  8. An indestructible metal identification disk with a unique number is assigned to the deceased at the crematory. This disk is placed with the deceased in the cremation chamber, and remains with the cremated remains through cremation and final processing and is returned with the cremated remains.
  9. The cremated remains are placed into the urn or container of your choice, along with the metal identification disk (which is again checked) and an identification tag.
  10. Our staff receives the cremated remains from the crematory when they are ready, and we promptly ship the family or person in charge or can schedule a time for pickup at our facility.

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