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In addition to the more traditional avenues of cremation burial or preservation in a columbarium, the scattering of ashes is a meaningful and time-honored means of memorializing a loved one after cremation. There are several methods for the release of ashes that can be personalized in any number of ways. Consider your choices carefully; once the ashes are scattered they are gone forever, unless you keep a portion of the remains for remembrance or as part of a keepsake.


Cremation ashes may be scattered personally or through a service depending on the method of dispersal. However the scattering takes place, it is important to cast the ashes downwind to keep the remains from blowing onto your party. Cremation ashes are not in any way a health risk, but some may find the contact disturbing or disrespectful. The ashes will consist of dense, sand-like matter and a few bone fragments that will likely fall to the ground quickly, but some will remain airborne in the form of a whitish-gray cloud upon dispersal. There are a variety of creative options for how and where the ashes are scattered. Often, cremated remains are dispersed at a place that had personal or philosophical significance to the deceased. It can be a favorite destination such as a beach, forest or meadow; or someplace that reflects the person's everyday life such as a park, golf course or even their own home. Keep in mind when choosing a location that there are laws governing the scattering of cremation remains. These laws vary from state to state and will affect how and where the ashes can be scattered, and whether you will need a permit to do so.


Scattering by Water

Bio degradable urns are available on our website. This is a great option for families with our proximity to the finger lakes.


Keepsake Urns

Cremation ashes don't have to be scattered all in one place. If you divide the remains into several small containers you can scatter the ashes wherever you see fit. "Small keepsake" urns are available in many sizes and can be purchased at White Oak Cremation.

Cremation Fine Jewelry by Richards West, East Rochester

“When someone you love becomes a memory, cremation fine jewelry is the most memorable way to commemorate your loved one’s life and keep them close to your heart–always and forever.” At White Oak Cremation we work with Richard West Jewelers in East Rochester, NY . There are many options of types of jewelry. Each handcrafted piece can hold a visible remembrance with special meaning such as a lock of hair, grains of sand, a flower petal or the dirt from a favorite garden. A Precious Vessel can also safely and securely hold the cremains of a loved one who has passed on. Call us at (585) 482-5272 for further details and prices.

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